The Advantage of Working with an Independently Owned Mat Company

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Personalized Service in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Are you interested in working with a company that can provide you commercial mats, and other walkway safety solutions? When you first research a company that can help you achieve these things, often big-name businesses will appear at the top of your google search. This is because large companies have the budgets to incorporate paid advertisements within their marketing plan. Though we know how easy it is to click the first link you see, it’s important to know the difference between working with an independently owned company vs. a nationally owned one. If you keep scrolling down the page on your google search, chances are you will see results for independently owned companies who worked hard to get there through their own digital marketing efforts. Though these companies appear to be “lower on the totem pole”, working with them can give you access to unbeatable benefits, customer service and transparency with no hidden gimmicks. See below how working with an independent company like Health Mats, can work to your advantage.

You Receive Unbeatable Customer Service

Positive Customer Service Experience

Have you ever called a big, nationally owned company to ask a quick question but were forced to listen to elevator music instead? Sometimes it seems like trying to get someone on the phone instead of talking to an automated, prerecorded service is an impossible task. That’s because it’s common for you, a small customer out of thousands, to get lost in the shuffle. At Health Mats, we take pride in ensuring our customers never feel this way. Since we are independently owned, our owner, Vince Del Rossi is extremely hands-on, in the building every day and available to speak to customers who want to call him directly. Working with a smaller company means you know everyone by name, and they know exactly who you are when you need assistance. Our clients know that our service coordinator, Bridget Schopfer, is always there to assist them and have created long standing relationships with her as well. Depending on your questions, she can then coordinate with Dennis Porch, our service manager to better assist your needs. Whether it be billing issues, maintenance problems, a need for more mats or more, we are number one when it comes to responding to our customers in need. This kind of personalized customer service is hard for nationally owned businesses to keep up with. Working with Health Mats means that no matter what questions, problems, comments or concerns may come your way, we have a team of people waiting on the other line to help assist you always. In other words, we actually answer the phone

What You See is What You Get

Teamwork in the office

Is there anything worse than looking through your bills and financial statements only to see charges for something you weren’t aware of? Keeping finances in order is stressful as is, and can only be heightened when these kinds of mistakes happen. That’s why it’s so important to work with a company that’s completely transparent. While working in the mat industry, we have heard of many nationally owned companies who aren’t forthcoming with their customers. These complaints include being tied into 5-year contracts anywhere from 12-15 months in advance and contracts being automatically renewed when customers agree to new terms and conditions. They can also tack on hidden fees that you weren’t aware of, including one for transportation! Since we know what customers value, we make sure that what you see is what you get. We will not add on any additional or hidden fees to your contracts. Since we do what we say, your commercial mats will be changed, laundered and delivered to your facility no matter what.

You’ll Have Long Standing Business Relationships

Positive Business Relationships

The longer you work with Health Mats, the stronger our business relationship will be. Did you know that many of our customers will refer us to other businesses? That’s because after working with us, they know they can trust us. They know that we pride ourselves on being on time, sticking to our schedules, and remaining consistent. That’s been key for a small business like us to remain open year after year. The relationships with our customers along the way have helped us grow in many different areas. Now, we are positive that the customer service and transparency we provide is something many cannot get while working with a nationally owned business.

The Proof is in the Pudding

At a national company, it’s common to see a high turnover rate of employees. No matter what the reasons may be, when you have so many employees to look after at once, it becomes very hard to make sure all of them are happy. At Health Mats, the core of our success starts with our loyal employees. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to work with people that we consider family. To honor these employees, we recently gave out awards to those people who have been with us for 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years. Due to the dedication of these team members, Health Mats has been able to sustain a loyal customer base and business since our start in 1969. The relationships that our employees have with one another makes our job easy. We know no matter what challenges we may face; our team of people will be working together to ensure the best quality of customer care possible.

Still not sure if you should work with an independently owned business? Since we want our customers to have a stress free and positive experience with us, we also offer a two-week trial for new customers. Come see for yourself!

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