Health Mats Trucks: The Ultimate Marketing Tool Seen Across 4 States!

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Health Mats Trucks: The Ultimate Marketing Tool Seen Across 4 States!

Our Service Representatives love our customers and the customers love them too!

It’s April and spring is here! Our Service Reps love this time of year because the weather is just right—not too hot and not too cold. Be on the lookout for our Health Mats trucks. This spring, we’re out there rain or shine!

Health Mats is an essential commercial laundry business and we are delivering not just mats, but microfiber towels, mops, and cotton housekeeping products to essential and life sustaining businesses who need our clean products delivered.  Health Mats trucks are delivering these essential items, and taking all precautions to keep our employees and customers safe from the spread of covid-19.

Which, by the way, have you noticed our trucks before…?

An image of the side of a branded Health Mats truck.

Our trucks are designed to deliver commercial floor mats, but they’re one of our marketing tools! We like to think of them as a Health Mats a moving billboard. Our trucks are our representatives out there in the great wide world, so we keep them in ship shape. They are constantly cleaned so our logo always looks its best. After all, image is everything, right? By taking care of our trucks, we send the 100% correct message: Health Mats is a responsible company that takes pride in our business and has genuine care for our customers and our deliveries.

And, you know what? It works!


One day a facility manager was running late to work. Stuck at a red light, what does he see? A Health Mats truck right next to him.

Ah ha! He thought. That’s a service my facility can definitely use.

As soon as he got to the office, he made a call to Health Mats. Bada bing bada boom!— Here we are years later continuing a wonderful commercial mat rental partnership.

Because he saw our easily recognizable brand on one of our trucks, his facility now has regular deliveries of reliable mats to keep his facility and personnel safe. Now that’s a real happily ever after!

Facts About Those Awesome Health Mats Trucks!

We hear it all the time: people see our trucks everywhere they go! And it’s no wonder why…

  • We have 13 vehicles on the road
  • We are driving 4 days a week
  • Our service representatives are delivering mats all over the region:
    • North to Allentown
    • Southeastern PA & Down to Dover, DE
    • Delaware
    • We also deliver to Baltimore, MD and all the way to the New Jersey shore.
  • Philadelphia is our sweet spot for Center City businesses, museums, and sports arenas.

A busy town like Philadelphia needs a company like Health Mats. Just think of all the foot traffic that commercial properties in Philadelphia get!

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

We have a team of 13 Service Representatives. Our team is managed by two Service Supervisors and a Service Manager. Together, they have well over 63 years of combined experience driving, delivering, and managing routes.

Our service program is built on a foundation of dependability, and commitment. It’s because we deliver the mats on a regular schedule and they look forward to having a great Health Mats connection every time.

This is only made possible by our Service Supervisors.

Get to know Tim & Anthony:

Tim, Service Supervisor

After being a service rep at Health Mats for 20 years, Tim came on board as a Service Supervisor in 2019.

His various routes have taken him to Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware, and also to King of Prussia. As the Service Supervisor, Tim and his counterpart, Anthony, help us to ensure that there are always Service Representatives for every route, all year round. When Service Reps need time off, they make sure the route is covered, so you always get your mats when you need them. They’re always happy to add new customers to their delivery schedule.

A picture of Tim in a Health Mats truck.

Anthony, Service Supervisor

Anthony has worked at Health Mats for 20 years, and each day he gets up at 4 am to get the job done! You’ve If you’ve been a Health Mats customer in that time, you’ve probably met him—Anthony has covered many routes throughout his years with us. Anthony loves the great service Health Mats provides! It puts a smile on his face to hear that our guys out there are doing a great job. Plus, he loves the perks that come with the job. He’s run into Eagles and Phillies players while changing mats—now that’s cool! Anthony says the most difficult thing about the job is driving in the city, but is a job he welcomes if it means he can do his best work.

Fun Fact: Anthony is also an accomplished woodworker!

We are always here to serve the businesses of PA, NJ, DE and MD, delivering essential commercial floor mats to our customers. Your safety and customer satisfaction is paramount to us. This is why we employ a fleet of well-maintained trucks driven by trusted and experienced Service Representatives. Whether you rent your mats or buy them, trust our trucks to get them to you on time!

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