Our Philanthropic Work in 2022

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At Health Mats we’ve spent over 50 years practicing our core values promoting cleanliness, safety, and health. Through charitable giving and sponsorships, we are able to foster those values while giving back to our community.

Let us shine a spotlight on a few of the causes and organizations we were able to support in 2022.

Eagles Autism Challenge

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According to the CDC, 1 in 44 Americans under the age of 21 are on the autism spectrum, making it the fastest growing developmental disability in the country. Providing scientists, doctors, and research institutions with the resources they need, Eagles Autism Challenge aims to support those dealing with autism now, as well as future generations.

In their ongoing efforts to fund care and research organizations, Eagles Autism Challenge inspires not just their community, but also all of us here at Health Mats. President and owner

Vince Del Rossi was proud to participate in an Eagles Autism Challenge 5k Fundraiser, finishing first in his age group!

Gureghian Charitable Foundation & Friends Central School

We know that when it comes to achieving success in the modern world, education is the silver bullet, the holy grail, the great equalizer. The Gureghian Charitable Foundation and the Friends Central School recognize the importance of education, and both help to raise money for graduates of Chester Community Charter School to attend local high schools.

Young people with a high school diploma are 33% more likely to find a job than those without and they will earn as much as 40% more annually. By donating to these organizations, we are investing in the future of our community and protecting the young people in it.

Tie One On for Prostate & Colon Cancer

This family oriented, Run/Walk/Bike event celebrated its fourth year of fundraising in 2022. Spreading awareness and funding research for these terrible diseases was the primary focus of the event, while survivors, patients, and families gathered to create a protective, supportive, and loving community. Donating to this worthy cause was an easy “yes” from the team here at Health Mats.

The J. Lewis Crozer Library

Source: Facebook

By providing equal access to information for the city of Chester and surrounding areas, the J. Lewis Crozer Library works to fulfill its vision empowerment, success, and lifelong learning for all ages. Collaborating with partners like Health Mats allows the J. Lewis Crozer Library to promote literacy and learning both in schools and educational environments throughout the community for children, teens, and adults.

Visual Experience Foundation

The Visual Experience Foundation is a unique organization that works with people experiencing unstoppable vision loss as well as people with blindness or vision impairment. VEF gives people memories that will last beyond physical sight by providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures to those losing their sight or dealing with low vision. By lifting up individuals VEF shows how we can “live in power” and not in fear, no matter the situation.

One Tip for a Fabulous New Year

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