New Year & Entrepreneurial Spirit: Health Mats’ Small Biz Spotlight

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Everyone loves food because it doesn’t just feed the body—when it’s made with love, it nourishes the heart and soul. Food is culture and tradition. It’s family and joy. But food service is a challenging industry to get into, and it takes a lot to be a restaurant entrepreneur.  


We want to start off the New Year on the right foot by recognizing fellow independently owned and operated businesses in this industry: The Rat Pack Bistro Shugar Shack Soulfood! Here at Health Mats, we are proud to serve and deliver both kitchen & logo mats to these eateries.  

The Rat Pack Bistro: You’ve Gotta Be Fresh!

300 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington, Delaware

Fresh is best, and RPB won’t settle for less, which is why their food is so good!

  • Fresh Salad Bar
  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Bread (Delivered every day from NJ!)

Serving up deliciousness in Delaware since 2010, The Rat Pack Bistro has made a name for itself in the competitive industry. General Manager, India Sutton learned to cook from the other talented women in her family: her mother and grandmother (and a little help from The Food Network, too.)

A close up image of the Rat Pack Bistro custom logo mat with a black background and red lettering
The four women of the Rat Pack Bistro team standing together behind their custom logo entrance mat

Serving up deliciousness in Delaware since 2010, The Rat Pack Bistro has made a name for itself in the competitive industry. General Manager, India Sutton learned to cook from the other talented women in her family: her mother and grandmother (and a little help from The Food Network, too.) 


India says the best advice she can give to other entrepreneurs is: 

“Don’t allow setbacks to stop you – keep focus on your goal! Push your brand!” 

That’s exactly what she has done, too! In 2019, India gave Health Mats a call and requested a mat program she could count on. Plus, she needed a beautiful new logo mat for the entrance to the café. 

While the Rat Pack Café name is inspired by none other than the original Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin), this lady has made the brand all her own. The new logo mat makes a bold statement in red when customers walk through the door for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. India didn’t just stop with a logo mat because she understands the importance of mats in strategic places around her eatery: 

There are runner mats for customers to stand on while ordering their food, and behind the counter, the staff are standing on ergonomic comfort flow mats. 

“My staff loves the kitchen mats!” 

What to try: Fresh Turkey Hoagie, $5.00 

One customer reported in an online review “…the turkey hoagie is simply unbelievable! 

After a decade in the business, The Rat Pack Bistro is ringing in the New Year with customer appreciation and loyalty rewards, as well as birthday promotions!  

Stop on in and try some of the freshest food in the state! 

Shugar Shack Soulfood: You’ve Gotta Have Soul

45 N Chester Pike
Glenolden, PA

The tradition of soul food is one that represents family, community, love, strength and the deep-rooted ties that have brought so many communities together. Shugar Shack’s mission is to extend the love of food and flavors. This is a place where people can celebrate bonds and reminisce on old memories while create new ones over flavasmacked food.

The Shugarshack Soulfood custom logo mat with a black background with red, white & grey lettering

Owner, Chef Keenya Cain (aka Shuga) has been in love with cooking since the age of 3. She wants to share that love with her community. This is why at Shugar Shack they serve customers like family. One of Keenya’s major goals is to ensure that every employee she hires, every dish served, ever catering job she takes, and every community event Shugar Shack participates in is completely in tune effort to uphold excellence. In short, Shugar Shack Soulfood is a customer-based and focused small business through and through.

Chef Shugar has teamed up with some of the tri sate areas parks. She provides meals in the summer while the King of oldies “Ali Hackett” plays his tunes for the crowd. Shugar Shack can also be found at Chester’s River Front Ramble every summer, as well as various other festivals and events in the Tri State area. 

One of the reasons why Health Mats loves working with Shugar Shack is because everyone at the eatery promises to put food and service first. It was great for us to help them solidify their brand with a custom logo floor mat and give their commercial kitchens the right set up with comfort flow mats. 

At Shugar Shack Soulfood they love to serve the people. Chef Shugar wants the chance to feed your heart, mind, and soul. Next time you’re in PA, let Shugar Shack fulfill your food fantasy! 

What to try: Chicken Wings, $7-24 

If you’re an entrepreneur with business located in PANJ, or DE, Health Mats can help you start off on the right foot. Our branded entrance mats make professional additions to your workplace, while our commercial mats for kitchens and other messy areas are top notch for safety and ergonomics. With our cleaning program, your mats will always be clean and ready to help you tackle any workday challenge! 

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