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How Logo Mats Can Brand Your Business

Though we tend to view commercial mats as a safe way to stop dirt in its tracks, there are many other benefits that mats can provide a facility building. When it comes to custom logo floor mats, not only do they trap dirt, dust, and debris, they also create an eye-catching image that can show off your branding materials, products, slogans and more. When these mats are placed in entrances and other areas that experience a high volume of foot traffic, you’re marketing your business in a unique and impressionable way. See below how easy it can be to brand your business with custom logo mats.

They Leave a Long-Lasting First Impression

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Have you ever heard the phrase “a first impression means everything? “As it turns out, this statement can ring true for many occasions, but especially when it comes to your business. If you own or operate a facility building where customers come and go, the way they are greeted could have a huge impact on their overall view of your business. If customers walk into your entrance and experience went or dirty floors, they could automatically write your facility off before they ever enter the door. If a bright, colorful, vibrant logo mat is in place instead, customers can feel welcomed and reassured whose business they are entering. Aside from the custom messages, logo mats can help reduce the threat of slip and fall accidents and can give customers a place to dry their feet when inclement weather exists. For these reasons and more, logo mats can help your business give a long lasting and positive first impression.

They Create Brand Awareness

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Whether you have a small or large business, marketing your facility and all it can provide customers isn’t an easy task. Since we live in a world where marketing messages are around us constantly, your business and its brand can easily fall through the cracks. That’s why it’s so important to make your business and its facility stand out in any way you can. Though we are constantly flooded with messages, a vibrant or catchy slogan tends to stick with us. When you brand not only your marketing materials but your actual facility building, you’re establishing more of a presence. Custom logo mats can help grow your business by establishing a branding image that is seen repeatedly on mats throughout your building. This way, if a customer sees your branding materials somewhere other than your facility, they will automatically recognize your business and associate it with their positive experience.

It’s A Unique Way to Advertise

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Though logo mats are perfect for displaying your name, logo or slogan, they can also be used to promote products. This can be extremely beneficial for grocery stores that want to promote certain brands but keep their customers safe at the same time. For example, when customers walk into a grocery store, they are surrounded by thousands of choices. Once these customers know what they’re looking for, getting them to venture off from their norm can be a challenging task. Promoting products on logo mats imprints images in their mind, sometimes without the customers even realizing it. Once they see the product that was promoted on the mat in the store, they may be more likely to stop and examine the item to see if they want to purchase. This way of product advertising isn’t your typical flyer or billboard, so it may be more eye-catching and tempting for customers.

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