How to Reduce Facility Maintenance Costs

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Have you ever walked into a facility and been greeted with a not so nice entryway? You may not have realized at the time, but a negative first impression could have greatly impacted the way you viewed the business you were entering. This is because facility maintenance is a crucial component to getting customers to return after they have already visited. Whether your facility is small or large, properly maintaining floors and entryways can seem like a daunting task. Especially if wet weather is a factor in your area, you can spend thousands of dollars just trying to keep up with it. Have you ever wished there was an easier way to maintain your facility while reducing costs? Commercial mats are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Keep Your Entryways Clean

Entryway mat

Did you know that an estimated 80 percent of soil brought into a facility is carried in by the bottom of shoes? In areas that experience a high amount of foot traffic, the amount of dirt, dust and debris being left over is even more than the eye can see. A commercial mat rental can act as a silent facility manager in areas that cannot always be occupied. When placed in entryways, mats work by trapping the dirt, moisture and debris so instead of ending up on your floor, they will remain on your mat. Not only will this keep your floor clean, it will also reduce the chance of a slip and fall. Another study stated that it costs 63 cents per customer per year to remove dirt and debris. If the amount of buildup is reduced due to commercial mats, you will be spending less money per year keeping up with simple maintenance tasks.

Reduce the Use of Harsh Chemicals


Does your facility buy cleaning supplies in bulk? Sometimes the amount of chemicals needed just to keep up with clean floors can cost a good chunk of money per month. When dirt and debris isn’t being cleaned properly, harsh chemicals may be required to efficiently scrub away the mess that shoes leave behind. When you also factor in the labor costs of keeping up with the floors alone, things start to add up quickly. Without commercial mats in place, you run the risk of dirt being ground into your carpet or floor. Not only will this mean more effort to get rid of it, it also means leaving your customers with a floor that is hard to look past. Using commercial mats means reducing the need to use and buy chemicals and cleaning supplies frequently. Not only will your wallet thank you, but the environment will as well. As an added bonus, when you reduce the need for chemicals, the indoor air quality will improve and your facility will be eco-friendlier.

More Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Mat Hallway

  • Have a set and reliable plan in place for maintenance.
  • Implement a commercial mat rental program for your facility.
  • In areas where you have heavy foot traffic, mat size matters.
    • If you have a large entryway, make sure to cover an appropriate amount of surface area.
  • To ensure safety and maintain a clean facility, utilize entrance mats in all entryways.
    • They work by digging into the bottom of shoes to remove dirt, dust and debris.
    • They are made with 100% nitrile rubber and have excellent durability and traction options.
    • You can even put a company logo or unique message to capture customer’s attention when they walk through the door.
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