Renting vs. Purchasing Commercial Mats: The Pros & Cons

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There are many common misconceptions around the benefits of rental mat programs versus purchasing a commercial mat. There are pros and cons to each method, but ultimately, it is critical to have a commercial mat program in place for your business and to assess which option is best for you.

Rental Mat Programs

Rental mat programs allows customers the freedom of choice and convenience without the headache of making a significant long-term investment.  You can choose between an extensive inventory of colors and sizes, with attention to your specific organizations needs. At your beck and call should be a full staff of commercial mat experts, with regularly scheduled delivery and cleaning pickup service.  If a mat becomes to worn, the program should include a replacement service that gives you clean, fresh mats with quick turnaround to not disrupt normal business. Rental mats are professionally cleaned on a set schedule so the soil seeps to the bottom and it not tracked throughout the building.

Purchasing Mats

Some people favor making an investment in a commercial mat rather than renting. In some cases, rental mats may be worn and old, which compromises the effectiveness and safety of the mat. The surface of the commercial mat may be damaged and goes flat, thus, allowing dirt into the building. The condition of the mat after time may also compromise water resistance, which can further cause slips and falls. Others argue that the price over the life of a rental mat is much more costly than actually making a purchase. In order to find out these figures you will want to use this formula:

Mats per location x Weekly Costs x 52 weeks=total rental cost per location
Compare the total you get from this formula versus the cost of purchasing the commercial mat.

Other savings of purchasing a mat versus participating in a mat rental program include maintenance. In most cases, operators end up cleaning their mats each day – why should you pay more money to have the rental company come and service your mats?

Here is a video that outlines the benefits of a rental mat program versus purchasing a commercial mat.

Contact one of our experts today for more information about our rental mat program. If you want to purchase you’re very own commercial mat we have a wide inventory and can customize mats based on your needs!

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