Safety Is Always A Priority When It Comes To Commercial Entrance Mats

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Are Your Commercial Entry Mats Safe?

What is the job of a mat?

Commercial Properties tend to get a lot of foot traffic because the buildings are open to the public. For every 1000 feet that come through a doorway, about 20 lbs of dirt will make its way in too. Dirt and moisture not trapped at your building’s entrance by a proper functioning floor mat will become a problem that damages flooring and carpets.

Mats also serve the purpose of protecting people walking in your building. If a mat is not absorbing moisture properly then the moisture will begin to track onto other surfaces – along with dirt and grime. This is one of the main reasons your floor safety becomes compromised.

When statistics show that those who work in an office are 2-2.5 times more likely to suffer an injury from a fall than non-office workers, facility managers must rethink their floor mat safety strategies.1 However, addressing safety concerns with a preventative mat program is more than just ensuring that an entrance mat size is correct. States in the Mid-Atlantic, like PA, NJ, MD, & DE are especially susceptible due to the seasonal weather conditions. Keeping commercial mats maintained will keep them clean, and in shape so that they can do their job.

What Causes A Mat To Become Unsafe?

According to a court mat hazard expert, the leading danger is called rippling. Rippling is the permanent bend, wrinkle, warp, kink, or not flat surface that causes part of the mat to not lie flat. It is an irrevocable condition that causes the mat not to lie flat.

Other causes of slip and fall mat hazards are:

  • Curling
  • Lifting
  • Taped down inadequately
  • Worn down
  • Fraying
  • Wrong type of entrance mat
  • Wrong size entrance mat

How To Make Sure Your Mat Is “Marked Safe”

While implementing a mat program is the best way to ensure both mat and employee safety, there are quick fixes you can check for on a daily basis:

  • Never place mats on the floor that do not lay flat
  • Never place mats over hazards i.e. broken damaged tiles/flooring, extension cords etc.
  • Mats should only be placed on clean/dry floors
  • Never overlap mats

Health Mats Provides Instructions For Rental Mat Care

Rental mats are delivered to you on a regular schedule and are exchanged weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks. While your mats are being cleaned at Health Mats Industrial Laundry in Chester, PA.

Since the condition of your mats is crucial to safety, we’ve provides our customers with some guidelines for caring for mats when they are not in use.

Check out this quick video and a guide to Mat Safety for our customers:

Health Mats works with your business to strategize a commercial mat cleaning program. More than just an overview of walkway safety and industrial mat cleaning services, our experts identify potential hazards in your facility.

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