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Commercial Doormats are essential to the safety and maintenance of buildings with high foot traffic. Business owners can choose between rubber and carpeting material, each coming with different advantages. We have highlighted several different doormats that can help prevent slip and fall accidents in your entrance way.

Doormat Materials

Rubber Doormats
Rubber Door Mat

Rubber mats can be used in doorways that are exposed to dry, moist, and wet outdoor conditions. The rubber material provides a stretchy and durable surface. The rubber mats can come with holes that drain stagnant water to prevent slip and fall accidents. These mats offer easy maintenance – simply rinse the mat with a hose, ridding it of dirt, dust, and grime!

Carpet Doormats
Carpet Doormats

These doormats are composed of synthetic fibers with a rubber lining. Similar to rubber mats, the carpeting material is durable and protects against harsh weather conditions and foot traffic. The fiber material surface drains water and is more effective at concealing dust and moisture. The rubber lining prevents the mat from adjusting, furthermore, preventing slip and fall accidents. The fibers also prevent the shoes from dragging dust and dirt into the building.

Types of Door Mats

Classic Entrance Mats
Classic Entrance Mats

The classic entrance mats are manufactured with static dissipative solution fibers which allow for an easy wash and light-weight. The classic mat surface is twisted and heat-set to provide a longer life-span and to control dirt and moisture. Classic carpets feature Perma-Dye and StainStopper dying technologies. Choose from a variety of colors, a curved corner, and have the option to rent!

Waterhog Plus
Waterhog Mats

The Waterhog Plus commercial doormat is one of the most durable and long-lasting mats available to business owners. This mat is designed for water-prevention with a rubber reinforced surface and waffle design to provide scraping ability. The border traps both dirt and water, preventing slips and falls. This product features easy maintenance with the ability to hose or vacuum dirt off the surface and rubber backing that prevents movement.

Brush Mat
Brush Mats

The Brush Mats feature nylon fibers that provide superior scraping and soil stopping ability. This mat is “high traction” certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and also has a rubber backing to prevent trip, slip and, fall accidents.

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