Searching For Love? Find Your Mat-ch In Philadelphia With Health Mats!

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Find Your Mat-ch In The City of Brotherly Love

While singles take to dating sites looking for love, businesses are searching the Internet for floor mats. In today’s world, appearances matter. Just like how people searching for that special someone look at photos of potential matches, customers are looking at businesses with a discerning eye. Philadelphia venues know that mats are essential this time of year to create an impression of quality and care.

If you are searching for a mat program you’ll love, Google!

When you search Google for mats, you’ll find a lot of big-box companies selling them. Sure, mats can be purchased online or at retail store, but without a service plan the mats lose their charm in a short period of time. These mats are often made of low-quality fibers, meaning they inadvertently spread dirt and moisture because they are not launderable. Vacuuming a floor mat does not solve the problem because it only collects a small amount of dirt. Most of the grit and soil will become trapped in the fibers.

Our mats are designed with a nitrile rubber backing that allows them to be laundered and maintained. We exchange mats for our customers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or every four-week schedule. It is a system that works and our customers appreciate the good-looking mats we deliver!

A young girl stands beneath Philadelphia’s iconic “LOVE” statue.

Without a regular maintenance program, mats will quickly become soiled, beaten down, and may lose the ability to collect dirt (making your business’ floors downright dirty!). Our rental mats are washed regularly, which allows them to function properly. Health Mats does all of this because we want our customers who purchase mats from us to also feel the love!

Mats are a Way to Make Your Business Look Attractive!

Think about it: a bad profile picture can mar the chances of someone “swiping right,” even though the person has so much to offer. The entrance of your business works the same way. The weather this time of year presents the problem of snow, mud, and rock salt, along with the soil that people have on their shoes when they enter a building – making the carpets and floors an eyesore. Your services and products may be top-notch, but if people see dirty floors when they first walk in, it’s an instant turn-off. Placing mats at your entrance makes your business more attractive by providing a clean, safe, healthier, and more appealing environment for your customers!

What Kind of Mat-ch are You Looking For?

Logo Mat at the National Constitution Center

Health Mats offers a variety of products designed to meet the needs of different environments. These products include:

Health Mats delivers to the City of Brotherly Love. If you’re in the area and rent or buy your mats from us – we will work with you to clean your mats. If your business is searching for mats search Health Mats and we will help you find what you are looking for!

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