Being Prepared Is The Name Of The Game When It Comes To Higher Education

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Student Safety Is ALWAYS A Priority

Educational Environment Safety

Students of today are held to high expectations, to achieve all that they can to have the best competitive advantage in universities and their future career thereafter. What are students doing right now? Right now, millions of students in the Greater PA and NJ area are studying hard to get the best score possible on the SATs. They are training for the big game, working up the courage to ask that special someone to prom, and applying to scholarships to give them the best college experience. It doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day for them to do it all and yet they often surpass all expectations to secure their future.

While students are working harder than the average 9-5 employee, what are the school facility managers doing? They are preparing their budgets for the school year – and Health Mats wants to make sure that the budget includes funds for the mats because student safety should be a priority!

Maintenance departments often look at the bottom dollar for determining mats for school and university spaces, but the reality is that safety and environmental maintenance is what’s important. Facilities in this part of the country are at a high risk for slip and fall accidents incurring from seasonal factors like rain and snow. Entrance walkways at any educational institution should be designed to properly safeguard students from such unfortunate events. Safety committees must take note when the floors of a building are not clean, or if there is moisture coming into the building, as this can be hazardous as well, both for student safety and public relations—Marketing departments have a field day when the collegiate logos are not properly represented! It is all about being prepared!

Health Mats also carries Covid-19 mats & decals designed to help students social distance and stay healthy on campus. 

How does Health Mats Work with Universities?

When you trust Health Mats with the safety of your dedicated students, the first step is to have a floor safety specialist visit the campus and meet with the maintenance department. It is important to survey the whole campus right at the start so that we can make the best recommendations for mat sizing, type of matting and consider the foot traffic in each building.

Penn State Nittany Lion

Once we have an idea of the quantity and size of mats needed, we can recommend a mat program for the whole campus! Our proposals are written so that our customers know exactly what we will deliver, when and where it will be delivered, and what the monthly charge will be. Health Mats does not add any additional charges so our customers will always know what they are paying for. The most important part of a Health Mats program is our reliability.

Educational campuses can depend on Health Mats to deliver mats and facility products if needed on a weekly schedule if needed – and if there is a special event or if something unexpected happens – Health Mats will provide a special delivery.

What About Branding?

We can even create some of the most professional, high quality mats with university logos and branding worthy of higher education. Our colors are matched to near perfect shade, and upon request PMS colors are also available. School colors matter and we make sure they are precisely represented on the mats we provide. In order to create these custom mats with school logos, we require a letter of permission on university letterhead from an authorized individual. That permission is important to protect the brand identity of the university, and here at Health Mats, we fully respect the institutions that mold the bright minds of our future.

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